Dental Exam and X-Rays (Check-up)

How we can help:

We fully and gently examine the health of your mouth, teeth and gums. We check for dental disease, gum disease, and screen for oral cancer.

It's always better to prevent problems rather than to cure them when they happen. If you visit your dental team regularly you will need less treatment and they will spot any problems earlier, making any treatment easier.

dental care on barrington couch

What are the benefits of coming in for treatment with us?

  • Regular check-ups and good oral hygiene form the foundation of lifelong dental health.
  • Detecting problems early is important for maintaining and saving natural teeth and preventing painful dental emergencies.
  • Studies have shown a direct link between dental health and overall health. We help to keep your mouth healthy and monitor for conditions that may occur.

Do you need a friendly, no-pressure dental check-up?

Get in touch with us today. We've created a pleasant and friendly environment that's guaranteed to give you a relaxing visit.